Quality Assurance

IPA exposure time (2)
Balance qualification (1)
Kindly any one share while doing PV of batch at compression stage what is the sample size of compressed tabs to be sent to QC for analysis (2)
Incidents and CAPA (2)
Product change over cleaning (10)
Production equipment and process (5)
Process validation or performance qualification (5)
Annual quality review for raw material (1)
How much sample (wt)can we get in a single die of sampling Rod (2)
Wall clock is not working in core area (3)
Wet granulation hold time period (5)
Software validation (4)
Change Implementation and Closure (2)
Hold time Study (2)
HVAC Validation (3)
Alarms in processing area's (6)
Dispensed material Hold time study (1)
Filling of logcard of phmeter when not in working conditio (1)
Clean equipment before usage recleaning (15)
Document Issuance before its due date (2)
What is difference between hold time study and stability study? (8)
Can the following operations/activity can be done simultaneously in manufacturing and filtration area (6)
Procedure for destroying expired products (2)
What will be the consiquenes, if micro results fails in cleaning validation (3)
Temperature and RH excursions (5)
How to handle controlled API or narcotic API (1)
Diclofenac sodium tablet (1)
Hot water introduction for cleaning (3)
Incident and handling procedures (3)
Limit of viable particle count in compressed air validation (4)