Water Testing of Phase I, II & III

I started the water testing of Phase I, right now we are testing the water in phase II from an outside laboratory.
Now the issue we are facing is, our lab is unqualified and I want to perform the qualification of lab using the water of phase II ( based on outside testing). Hence there is getting time gap between phase II and phase III because of machine qualification.
I also want to proceed with the testing of phase III water in house .
So is it valid if there occurs gap between phase II & phase III and if valid, the how can I justify it ?
Please help…
thank you

You can continue using an external lab for phase-III testing and simultaneously start qualification of your in-house lab for the same. When inhouse lab qualification is completed only then switch over to your inhouse lab for water samples analysis. Generally, a significant time gap should not be allowed between water system validation phases.

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