Environnemental conditions

I would like to know how much the temperature tolerance is in clean rooms!
Example: if the specification is lower than 25°C we can go up to 25°±2°C

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Temperature tolerance in clean rooms can vary depending on the specific requirements of the facility, industry, and processes being carried out in the clean room. Clean rooms are typically designed and maintained to control temperature within a narrow range to ensure the quality and integrity of the products or processes inside.

The temperature tolerance in clean rooms is usually specified in terms of a range, such as ±2°C, to allow for some variations. In your example, if the specification is to maintain a temperature lower than 25°C, a tolerance of ±2°C means that the temperature should be maintained within the range of 23°C to 27°C.

However, it’s important to note that the specific temperature tolerance for a clean room can vary based on the industry and the particular clean room classification. Clean rooms in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology often have very tight temperature controls because temperature fluctuations can impact product quality and performance. In these cases, the tolerance might be even narrower, such as ±0.5°C or ±1°C.

Clean room standards, such as ISO 14644 for particle classification, may provide guidelines for temperature control, but the exact requirements will be determined by the specific needs of the clean room’s application. It’s essential to consult the applicable industry standards and guidelines and work with experts in clean room design and maintenance to ensure that the temperature tolerance meets the requirements of your specific clean room.

thanks for your reply