Excess powder in blister and tablet surface

We are receiving excess powder on the tablets surface & on the blister,as it’s an minor defect but leading to market complaint.
Please suggest how to reduce such observations & cause behind this.

Thanks for reading
Ajay Thakur

Please ensure the tablets are de-dusted after compression by a mechanical device called “De-duster”. If still this problem persists then re-look at the formulation. There could be poor binding to the tablets or fines could be more than the granules in the lubricated granules.

You can resort to ‘de-dusting’. But you could also look into one of the root causes. Are your punches, overused? Worn out punches that show “collar” on tablets, are often the reason for powder shedding. Secondly, improper setting of compression machine will also leave powder on the turret which will be carried over by tablets. Please check that.