Granulation section

cretical point in granulation section

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plz tell me about cretical point in granulation

how to calculate capacity of RMG and FBD

Critical point in Wet granulation are:

  1. Binder addition time
  2. Kneading time
    3.Impeller and chopper mixing Time and RPM
    4.Impeller power (Ampearage reading-End point estimation)
    5.Total granulation Time
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Mr asifvexpkaind well in addition
Wet mill speed
drying time
dry sieving particle size
lubrication mixing time is very critical n b 3 -5 min

sir it is necessary to use separate filter bags for each product in drier of wet mixer???

In advanve FBDs SS filters are fitted wich are washed after product changeover.
In conventional FBD where fingr bag is used it is difficult to manage 200 filterbags if u hav 200 products.
So filter are are used acordingc to drug classes e.g
general products,quinolones,psychotrophic etc.
Frequency of filter bag change is determined by validating the processes n bag condition.e.g 3 mnth ,6 mnth 1 yrs etc

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Its is not neceessery to use seprate Bags for each product.

Sir what are the reasons for FBE finger bag damage,please mention briefly.

  1. Abrasive texture of product.
  2. After Maximum usage and usage cycles…
  3. Hot air inlet air pressure variation and volume
  4. Improper Handling, storage of filter bags.


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Can anyone explain the addition of procedure of binder solution?
how long should it add? how many steps?

Thank you sir

Binder addition time depend on qty of binder.
it should be added gently.
In high shear add in a single stpep.
In low shear may be aded in steps after breaking lumps manually.