Granulation section

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cretical point in granulation section

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(rihan) #2

plz tell me about cretical point in granulation

(sudhir ) #3

how to calculate capacity of RMG and FBD

(Md.Asif Hussain) #4

Critical point in Wet granulation are:

  1. Binder addition time
  2. Kneading time
    3.Impeller and chopper mixing Time and RPM
    4.Impeller power (Ampearage reading-End point estimation)
    5.Total granulation Time
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(Sajjad Ahmad) #5

Mr asifvexpkaind well in addition
Wet mill speed
drying time
dry sieving particle size
lubrication mixing time is very critical n b 3 -5 min

(syed sohail ahmed) #6

sir it is necessary to use separate filter bags for each product in drier of wet mixer???

(Sajjad Ahmad) #7

In advanve FBDs SS filters are fitted wich are washed after product changeover.
In conventional FBD where fingr bag is used it is difficult to manage 200 filterbags if u hav 200 products.
So filter are are used acordingc to drug classes e.g
general products,quinolones,psychotrophic etc.
Frequency of filter bag change is determined by validating the processes n bag condition.e.g 3 mnth ,6 mnth 1 yrs etc

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Its is not neceessery to use seprate Bags for each product.