Percentage of Povidone solution in wet granulation

Hello. I want to know in what percentage is the Povidone solution used during wet granulation?

It should be not more than 2% of total bulk. It depends upon formulation.

Povidone use as a what? Just curious

Binder, also known as PVP

All depend upon how the binder effect over formulation agglomerate formation over granulation process, what grade PVPK usage over the formulation, how & when we ar using to add for granulation process.

All parameter must be kept in mind before freezing the % of any binder solution.Now day formulator prefer to use dry binder to reduce overall processing time.

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According to Handbok of pharmaceutical excepients Kollidon conc used as binder is
0.5 to 5 percent.
usually 2-3 percent give good results but varry formulation to formulation.
Kollidone is soluble in both water n IPA

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