Bulk drug manufacturing

Dear pharmaguideline
Is there any website or reference books available as like pharmaguideline for information of formulation .,for knowing bulk drug manufacturing operations like batch reactor, centrifuge, steam tray dryer, vaccum tray dryer, jet mill ,sealing machine.

I am trying to write on the different topics for API manufacturing also.


Sir, it is very good for me., and
It will very helpful to professional personnel of API manufacturing.
This Pharmaguideline platform is very helpful for formulation industry.

Sir what is the formula for calculating batch size in RMG for granulation.

Claimed capacity is provided by vendor in liters and to calculate capacity in kgs,first calculate bulk density of powder to be mixed and then it is multiplied by capacity in liters.
claimed capaciy in liters is 400 liter and bulk density is 0.8 then capacity in kgs is 400*0.8=320kg.

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