Formula to calculate RMG capacity

How to calculate capacity of RMG, what is the formula for same.

Claimed capacity is provided by vendor in liters and to calculate capacity in kgs,first calculate bulk density of powder to be mixed and then it is multiplied by capacity in liters.
claimed capaciy in liters is 400 liter and bulk density is 0.8 then capacity in kgs is 400*0.8=320kg.

Sir I can’t understand please explain briefly.
Thank you

in Industry, RMG capacity is calculated in liter from OEM only. My recommendation is that don’t measure capacity of any RMG just plan a batch with the help of RMG capacity, tentative bulk density of blend & other behavior of blend during pre & post granulation process.

However there are many method to measure the any equipment volume capacity.

  1. Mathematical calculation of volume (capacity) through auto-cad drawing (Part wise)
  2. Over flow capacity of known liquid
  3. Other method counter check method as describe by Sajjad ahmed.
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Capcity X B.D X80%----Maximum Capacty Utilization
Capcity X B.D X40%----Minimum Capacty Utilization


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