Why only Swab sampling performs in the microbial testing?

Why only Swab sampling performs in the microbial testing?

I think your statement is not correct. Swab sampling is performed for both chemical and microbiological analysis. However, both swabs should be separate. One swab is for chemical and the other swab is for microbiological analysis.

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Means I want to ask that why only rinse samples given for chemical analysis? Why it not given to microbial testing?

Your question is very confusing. Whether it is related to swab sampling or rinse sampling?
Rinse samples using water (aqueous medium) may not quantitatively transfer all the microbes adhered to the equipment surface in the solvent taken for rinse sampling. However, swab samples can quantitatively transfer the microbes in the swab. Usually, the swab sampling technique is preferred to the rinse sampling technique for cleaning validation studies.

Thank you sir. Sorry for the confusion. It is related to the rinse sample.

You are always welcome.

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