Why lubrication is done after blending

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I need clarification about why lubrication is done after completion of blending, why we can’t mix API, Excpients & lubrication materials in the blending stage why we thhese are done separately.

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Lubrication is done in RMG during the granulation stage and it is not done during blending because it will affect the mixing of the material due to its lubrication properties and additionally some times lubricants are used in solution form that can not be used in blender.

in our company we add lubricants such as Mg stearate in the last step of blending (tablet form)

@shadi you are right lubricates are added in blending when granulation is dry i.e. dry granulation or dry mixing but during wet granulation lubrication is done in RMG. You can see it in your manufacturing site also.

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we add lubricant in final step of blending because it takes less energy and power to achieve homogeneity

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Lubricants added in the final step to coat the powder then the compression step become easier and not sticky.
so if you mix lubricant with other excipients you will lose the profit of using lubricant.

Very rarely lubricants are used in wetting stage these are added in dry blending at the end of all exceptients.

we do so bcz lubricants form a layer around particles if we add all in combination proper mixing wil not occur.
we add dry grains mix with other exceptiens then mix with disintegrents( if extagranularly req) then mix glidents. In this case all exceptients are properly mixed.then at the end add lubricants.lubricants then form a film around all particles/grains which wete properly mixed and thus prevent Sticking due to covering around particles.