Why Fumigation is banned

why Fumigation with formaldehyde is banned by different regulatory bodies?

Corresive and due to the produce carcinogens with product and didn’t have any process to remove from area where ever fogging done


Also it leaves harmfull residue on surface which is hard to remove

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formaldehyde is carcinogenic ( Cancer causing) in nature and there is risk of cancer associate with this to the personnel who is handling formaldehyde. It is not safe for the personnel. There are also other drawbacks like fumigation with formaldehyde causes irritation to the eyes and nose. After fumigation with formaldehyde there is requirement for de-fumigation of area in which AHU (Air Handling Unit) has to be continuously run for few hours without any activity to remove the residues from the air and cleaning and moping of equipments and area is also required.


Quoted from PDA TR 70:

While effective, Paraformaldehyde is an older methodology that has been replaced by most GMP firms with current more modern chemistries and systems. Characteristically, Paraformaldehyde decontamination leaves concerning residuals on all surfaces (as defined by FDA) and requires the utmost safety concerns for its implementation realting to human health. For these reason this methodology is declining in use in the marketplace.

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