What is the due date for CAPA plan and Effectiveness check

i am developing new capa

CAPA plan due date will largely depend upon type of CAPA actions identified. For example, in case of major changes such as procurement of new equipment in production, new instrument in QC lab or recruitment of staff in specific department or changes in the existing facility or changes in Quality Management System would require longer duration of 3 to 6 months for implementation of CAPA.
Otherwise for smaller changes or CAPA actions such as revision of SOP, Re-validation or re-qualification of instrument or calibration of measuring device etc. would take shorter time duration of 1 to 4 weeks.
CAPA effectiveness assessment should be done after implementation of CAPA actions (specific) after a lapse of sufficient time so that enough data on batches would be available. However, a very close monitoring is required immediately after CAPA implementation so that its effectiveness can be assessed and if required CAPA actions may be modified / revised based on observed trend.