What is the Difference between STP and GTPs

Anyone differentiate what is STP and GTP in brief

STP and GTP both are the terms that are given to TEST PROCEDURES.

Different companies have different ways to represent those things some says STP (standard test procedures) some says MOA (Method of analysis) some says TM (Test method) some days QCM (Quality control methods)

Now coming to exact difference between GTP and STP which some companies use

STP is standard test procedure - This acronym is generally given when the test method are product specific, eg Assay by HPLC, related compound by HPLC / GC, OVI by GC-HS etc
As these are product specific those are documented under the heading of STP separately for each product

However apart from such specific methods there are other general methods also or to be more specific there are some test parameters like description, solubility, melting point, water content by KF, Loss on drying etc. where testing methods are more or less same, it differ only to some extend for different products, in such case instead of documenting those method again and again for each product and wasting company resources, one general test procedure (GTP) is documented which contain all commonality and a number is assigned to it. further this GTP is referred in making analytical docket of any product with some specific remarks.

Example - Say a GTP.XYZ is made for Loss on drying - documenting conditioning of oven, drying empty LOD bottles, cooling to RT in desiccators, empty weighing, weighing with sample, keeping in oven, removing, cooling in desiccator, weighing, then calculation formula etc… Here since this is a general procedure, you should not mention sample weight, drying temp and time.

Now while making a product wise analytical docket, you can mention
LOD - NMT a.aa% w/w (at 70 deg C for 2 hrs with 0.5 g sample using GTP.xyz)

This can save considerable resource of a company

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STP given for product specific testing methodology and how ever GTP always given for common testing method.

Routinely common testing methodology mentioned in GTP i.e. Microbiological testing, description, FTIR etc.


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