What is the difference between DR,CR,SR,XL Tablets?

What is the difference between DR,CR,SR & XL Tablets ?

The terms “Delayed Release, Controlled Release, Sustained Release, Extended Release” tablets are interchangable and conveys the similar meaning, that is, the drug is released from the tablet in our body system in a definite pattern / relaese profile according to the specification.

While in the “Immediate release” tablets the drug is released from the tablets in our body system immediately after disintegration of the tablet according to specifications.

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Sir , I know that they are similar but why we called different Names like Controlled Release Sustained Release, Delayed Release so on.
I mean, There are something difference between them. Like formulation, Binding Agents etc.

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There are specific differences in drug Release criteria between Immediate Release tablet (usually uncoated) , Enteric coated tablet and DR, CR, XR, SR tablets.


Thanks sir

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