What is Pasavation

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What is pasavation why are you doing Pasavation cleaning in equipments please give me answer

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Passivation is used to remove the pathogens present on the surface of the pipe

Ok but Why are useing Nitric acid 5%taken in SSR reactor plese give me clarify

Though I don’t know much about passivation, I understand that the purpose is to create a protective “layer” on the inner surface of pipelines to protect them against further corrosion.

I believe the Nitric acid is used in chemical passivation because it is a strong low pH acid that could be useful to remove iron residues without damaging the surface itself. Once these residues are gone, another solution is used to do the chemical reaction on the surface and create this protective “layer”.

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Ok thanks for your replying

Passivation is chemical treatment of ss with a mild oxident for enhancing the formation of protective passive layer or film.
Purpose of passivation to increase the concentration of ‘chromium oxide’ on the surface of ss component by removing exogenous iron or iron contamination.
Solution - 1% Hno3 with flushed with purified water.
After that complete acid removed by flushing of purified and check ph of outlet and inlet to ensure both ph should be equal .