What is importance of differentional pressure in pharma

(Ramu) #1

Why we maitian single +,double +,trible+ pressure

(Ankur Choudhary) #2

Differential pressure in pharmaceutical manufacturing helps to restrict the microbial contamination to enter in the manufacturing area and also to protect the product from cross contamination.

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Thank u sir.
I completed (passedout at 2015) my b.tech in stream of mechanical ,I have 6 months experience in HVAC&utilityes field,recently I joined in pharma company BMS operater in HVAC field. present I maitainting temp,Rh and Dp based on user requriment with use of software.
Sir could please tell me
1.what i learn here
2.its useful for me in future
3.service field is best or project feld is best

(Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Awad) #4

In addition to the answer of Dr. Ankur,
It is important that differential pressure not to be so high as to create turbulence problems as mentioned in Annex 5, and I think that this point is important only if the pressure of open product area is lower than the pressure of the outer corridor due to the danger of turbulence occurrence in presence of open product

Quote (of Annex 5): 4.7.2 The pressure differential should be of sufficient magnitude to ensure containment and prevention of flow reversal, but should not be so high as to create turbulence problems

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Dear Mr.Ankur

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What is CFM requirements in Granulation area,Mixing area,Compression area,coating area,blistering area and tablet corridor

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What is pressure differential in OSD area with respect to corridor in that manufacturing area.means tablet section

(Muhammad jehangir) #7

How Positive pressure remained maintained in corridor with respect to manufacturing area;compression,mixing room

(Ankur Choudhary) #8

Granulation, mixing, compression and other mentioned areas are class D areas, therefore, follow the requirements for class D area for air velocity 10-30 fpm and ACPH 10-40.

(Muhammad jehangir) #9

and for Differential pressure

(Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Awad) #10

differential pressure generally should have upper limit even in non open product areas because turbulence caused by high differential pressure reduces cleaning efficiency of HVAC

A 5 - 20 pa range I think is a very safe acceptance range between areas of the same grade (e.g grade d) since this range is mentioned in WHO Annex 5 and ISO

differential pressure
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dear sir
what is the difference between corridor pressure or manufacturing area …?
how much difference we take …?

(Sajjad Ahmad) #12

In OSD primary mfg are has negative pressure n bufer has positv and outer coridor also has negative pressure so that cleaned air move from bufer to mfg are n bufr to coridor. its called bubble form.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #13

By controlling Air movements.for positive presure
inlet is fully open n return air damper is slightly opend acc to req to maintain positive presure.
To create negative pressure return air damper opening is increased than lnlet