What is GDP Referring to?

GDP is referring to good documentation practices or good distribution practices and what is the difference between them?

GDP can refer to both Good Documentation Practices and Good Distribution Practices, which are two distinct concepts in the pharmaceutical industry.

Good Documentation Practices (GDP) refers to the systematic documentation of all activities and transactions in a pharmaceutical facility to ensure accuracy, traceability, and compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes the creation, review, approval, and storage of all documentation related to the manufacturing, testing, packaging, labeling, and distribution of pharmaceutical products. GDP ensures that all documents are complete, accurate, legible, and timely.

On the other hand, Good Distribution Practices (GDP) refers to the quality systems and procedures that must be in place to ensure that pharmaceutical products are transported, stored, and handled in a manner that preserves their quality, safety, and efficacy. This includes the appropriate storage conditions, transport methods, packaging materials, and labeling of pharmaceutical products. GDP is critical to ensuring that products are delivered to the end-user in a safe and effective manner.

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