What is concept of done by, checked and verified by

What is concept of done by, checked and verified by.

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Done by -operator
Checked by-production supervisor
Verified by-IPQA

Can checked by person may or may not be present at time of process??
Can verified by person sign the document after completion of activities???

Suppose equipment is cleaned by -operator.this equipment can be checked after cleaning but before use in any process.it is better to check and verify the any process at end but before used in next step.

Done by nothing but actual doer ,checked by means the second person who is checking the activity when it is under process or completed and verified by means the third person verifies that the activity with reference document , wether which has done or not before going to use of particular equipment or process.

Done by is doer that is person performing the activity.not only operator ,can be anyone else as per our inhouse sop.checked by will be second person and verified by may or may not be ipqa.it depends as per sop.

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If a person performs any activity through procedure he will do as done by
The person who checks that the above activity as per procedure he can sign as checked by…

The person who verifies both done by and checked by… can sign as verified by…

In most cases
operator as done by
Supervisor as checked by
QA as verified by…

In some cases
If two supervisors as working
One can done by and checked by…

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Yes, I agree with you

Even i agree with u

Done by and checked by says the task has been done and reviewed as 4 eye check, and finally verified and confirmed by the third person.

done by is performed by
checked by is the area supervisor who is checking whether the activity is performed or not
verified by is generally QA , just an oversight of the data.

the person doing the checked by sign must be present in the work area and should know in detail about the activity being performed