Wet granulation lumps forming

(vijay kumar) #1

If we get lumps in wet granulation method…what is the next process.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #2

lumps at which stage?

(Sajjad Ahmad) #3

to break lumps milling/screening is used.

(vijay kumar) #4

binder addition time… impeller slow chopper off condition

(vijay kumar) #5

If we get more lumps,what will happen in granulation and compression stages

(Sajjad Ahmad) #6

after weting lumps will be milled by wet mill so size is reduced.

(Sajjad Ahmad) #7

one trick is that add binder when lumps r formed stop binder addition and break lumps manualy then add remaining binder.

(Md. Saifullah Khan) #8

what kinds of problem raised by the big lumps?

(Sajjad Ahmad) #9

if chopper is functional then no issue.

(Md.Asif Hussain) #10

Due to huge lump.
1.Manual breaking of the need to be done, then need to pass through wet mill
2.During drying you may face problem for uneven drying
3. Weight variation…


  1. Dissolution profile may impact.

Microbiological you
1.No impact

(Sajjad Ahmad) #11

@AsifHussain dear before drying wet milling is done so size is reduced and no issue during drying.
after drying dry screening is done so no effect on wt varioation.
One problem may be faced during wetting if choper is closed and is that if lumps r not broken manually uniform wetting is affected.
And when choper is running then lumps r automatically broken down so result in uniform wetting.