Weight print guideline - requirement in qualitative tets

I want to know that, What is the use of weight print in identification type test, (Qualitative test) - Where “weight” of the sample is not directly or indirectly taking part of the arithmetic calculation / results which is being reported on the analytical protocol.
Is there any guideline that “weigh print” required to stick with the analytical protocol?

Guide line I didn’t no but it the evidence u have done the test as per procedure.

For example IR test,
We are the filling instrument log book.
Instrument / software connected with all necessary controls / privileges it self having data path for saving the data.
Then what else proof required to give with protocols?

Dear sir,

All Instrument having 21 CFR, So all details should we can take from particular instrument. But If in your STP or Protocol mentioned that (Weigh about X mg of X sample) and Weight print is the proof of which sample You analysed , which Batch No you taken for the identification test.