Weight per ml calculation

Can anybody tell me the calculation of weight per ml.
Density = m/v
Example: 25.1/25 = 1.004

Or is it compulsory to multiply with water density: 0.997
Example: 25.1/25 x 0.997 = 1.000988

Weight per mL of any liquid should be calculated as follows,

  • Fill specific gravity bottle (dried) with the liquid sample. Weigh and find out weight of liquid (W2) at specific temperature 25 deg C.
  • Now fill specific gravity bottle with distilled water at the same temperature. Weigh and find out weight of distilled water (W1) at that temperature (25 deg C).
  • Calculate volume of water (V1) by applying factor of weight per mL of water at 25 deg C as 0.9970 to the weight of distilled water (W1) obtained.
  • Now calculate weight per mL of liquid sample as follows,
    W2 / V1 = Wt./ mL
    Therefore, for calculating weight / mL of given liquid, weight / mL factor of water at the same temperature should be applied.
    And for calculating specific gravity of any liquid, weight of specific volume of liquid should be divided by weight of same volume of distilled water at the same temperature. Hence no factor is required.