Weighing Balance Verification or Calibration

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In pharmaceutical industry, we use weighing balances. They have related SOPs, some where using SOP for weighing balance calibration & somewhere using SOP for weighing balance verification.
What is correct?

Balance daily calibration is correct or daily verification is correct?
please guide us.

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Both sop use in industry for weighing balance verification and calbration.
Verification is done before start of activity or once in a day .it ensure that weighing balance is working correctly.
Verification is done for minimum weight and maximum weight.

Calibration is done on monthly basis .it ensure that accuracy of balance it also cover entire weight for calibration.


I will just add that any frequency you decide to put in place must be supported by a risk assessment based on the intended use of the instrument (i.e. criticality of the instrument). This should be very well understood and documented.

It’s verification, as it’s involved checking weights against true values, not involving any adjustment like pH meter, whereas in pH meter checking and correction involved.


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I think I disagree with some of the statements. It is my understanding that the difference between calibration and verification is that:

Calibration is a series of tests aimed to demonstrate the reliability of the measurements including an evaluation of the uncertainty and error to be within acceptable limits.

Verification of a measurement instrument are activities that are aimed to verify if the instrument’s calibration is maintained between calibration events, but it does not by itself substitutes a calibration. In other words, these are less rigorous tests that can be done between calibration events to give some level of assurance that the instrument calibration has been mantained at the time of the verification.

The act of adjustment is independently to the act of calibration or verification. If the calibration or verification concludes that the instrument is non-compliant, then it triggers an adjustment and a subsequent calibration in order to demonstrate that the adjustment was effective.


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