Water sampling Bottles

We using transparent bottles for water sampling.
Change control raised by QC dept for change transparent bottle to amber color bottle for water sampling bcoz photosensitive impact on sample.

my question is, Is this correct ? if correct give me any theory or guideline attachment.

The type of containers to be used for water sampling and its storage until analysis depends upon the tests to be performed.
The following table indicates water sample containers and their recommended washing procedures for selected water quality variables (tests to be performed)

Reference: Water Quality Monitoring - A Practical Guide to the Design and Implementation of Freshwater Quality Studies and Monitoring Programmes
Edited by Jamie Bartram and Richard Ballance
Published on behalf of United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organization
© 1996 UNEP/WHO
ISBN 0 419 22320 7 (Hbk) 0 419 21730 4 (Pbk)


Thank you sir.

You are always welcome.