Wall clock is not working in core area

in my last interview
one question they are asked
if wall clock are not working in core area…
what u will do and which document u can follow…
i am freezed…!!!

Hi Manoj
First if it’s a core area and is used for time recording contemporaneously then it is recommended to have a digital clock controlled through a master clock that should further be verified at a defined frequency with NTP server. Now if there is a wall clock and it’s not working then it should be handled through site QMS procedure where you need to perform the impact assessment, root cause identification and accordingly CAPA to be proposed.


Well explained by Mr. Deepak Mishra,

First of all (if production person - need to inform supervisors and production head to take further action.(If QA found it he should give notification)
Moreover all clock and Timings in HMI or any software system in core area should be synchronized with Master clock.
Also if Digital Clock is not available, So there should be defined frequency for the replacement of battery cell and checking as per the shelf life.So, as to avoid such problem.