Vitamin E acetate

While manufacturing a multivitamin syrup , what should be an ideal solvent for vitamin E acetate before mixing it in the main tank ? As it is a fat soluble vitamin , doesn’t dissolve in DI water and doesn’t make a clear solution in Tween 80 as well . Your experienced input would be valuable.
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Please try the following methods to dissolve Vitamin E acetate in the liquids,

  • Prepare a clear liquid of Vit. E acetate with edible coconut oil equal volume. (This is oil phase)

  • Make a solution of liquid glucose in water of equal volume, add small quantity of Tween-80 and dissolve.

  • Make gum acacia solution in a minimum volume of water and add to the above liquid glucose solution. This is an aqueous phase. (Gum acacia can be avoided if you get good emulsion finally).

-Determine the Refractive index of both the oil phase and the aqueous phase separately. The refractive index of both oil phase and the aqueous phase must be same. Adjust the refractive index by adding coconut oil to oil phase OR add liquid glucose to the aqueous phase to adjust the refractive index.

  • Now mix both oil and aqueous phases using a high shear/high-speed homogenizer mixer to get a clear solution. This is called as “Micellar solution”.

In this way, we can make a stable clear liquid formulation of water-soluble vitamins and oil-soluble vitamins as a ‘Micellar’ solution.

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Thank you Very much Sir !

Please let me know if you could satisfactorily formulate the multivitamin clear syrup of Vitamin E acetate.
You are always welcome.

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