Visual inspector qualification for tablet dosage form

please suggest how to prepare visual inspection kit for tablet

please provide procedure for qualification of visual inspector

suggest guideline for qualification of visual inspector for tablet dosage form

Please define and specify the visual defects of tablets in your internal SOP, such as broken tablet, Chipped tablet, with hairline cracks, poor coating, un-uniform colour shade, Mottled appearance (mozaic appearance), Off colour, Non-standard colour (for coated tablets), Black/brown spots on tablet surface etc.
Provide training to the visual inspectors.
Ask them to examine the tablets which are pre-examined (with intentionally mixed with defective tablets).
Repeat this process for three times with different types of defective tablets mixed with good tablets.
Again repeat this process for other tablet products (with different size, shape, colour etc.)
If the inspector satisfactorily sorts out good and defective tablets on 100% basis then he/she should be considered as qualified as “Visual inspector-Tablets”.
Document the entire activities as above.
Prepare two types of albums for every tablet product. One of photos of defective and good (standard) tablets, and second album having actual defective & good tablets.


sir how we know visual inspector sort 100 % good tablets

when we mixed defected tablets and good tablets intentionally , is their numbering or identification mark necessary for defective tablets and good tablets required.

these numbering or identification mark help us to identify how many good tablets sort by visual inspector

on which basis we confirm these tablets are good or defective tablets which are sorted by visual inspector.

please update