Visual inspection

According to usp light intensity should be 8000 to 10000 lux for visual inspection of solution filled in amber glass vials but how it is possible this is too much can badly affect the eyes

This light is recommended visual inspection background, not for the area.

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Do you mean this intensity is required in visual hood but it is very high while we use 2000 to 3750 lux for clear glass.I want to know what is location of tube light in case of it back side of visual inspection board

Why do you need to refer to USP. Is your requirement for Manufacturing area visual inspection or In Laboratory? the right reference will be GMP guidelines (USFDA 21 CFR if you are a USFDA approved company else follow the local regulatory guidelines as per the country).


Yes, at the back side of the visual inspection board.

What should be transparency of visual inspection board.