Visual inspection of liquid injection

How much intensity of light (lux) required for visual inspection of liquid injection.

According to USP and EP 2000 to 3750 lux

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According to USP & EP 2000-3750 lux for colurless liquids,higher lux are preferred for plastic and amber coloured containers…According to JP its 10,000lux…

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Any specific provision for eye protection in 10000 lux intensity visual hood.?

lux level reqired for dry powder filling area?

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400 to 500 lux light is suitable for dry powder filling area.

like light intensity sound intensity also effect menpower working in noisy enviornment.
whats minimum n max alowable sound intensity in db with refrence or guidlines?

OSHA has established permissible noise exposure limits as 90 dBA with exposure limit 8 hours.suitable range of sound intensity is 60 to 85 dBA.

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PAO test used for HEPA filter integrity the aerosol smoke is generated.
after circulation PAO smoke effet is neutralized ?or it remain sticked to hepa for the life of hepa

PAO typcially have a higher viscosity index than mineral oil.It remain sticked to hepa filter for the life of hepa.

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can we hang fire extinguisher in sterile area near class B for emergency case?

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No it should be out of aseptic processing can hang near door of 1st change room

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