Visual inspection of eye drop

How we can perform visual inspection of eye drop filled in amber glass vial or plastic container.

i thnk visual insppection of solution in closed plastic container is not possible.solution is filtered before filling and bulk solution can be inspected before filling for its clarity.
after filling to chek visual clarity droper should be opend n pour sol in glss cylinder to chk its volume n clearity.
Visually plastic droper can b ckecked for cap sealing,leakage etc.
light obstruction method may b optional

USP 1790, it is suggested there to enhance the illumination of visual inspection hood to 10,000 Lux and to possibly screen the containers from the back when testing brown glass or plastic containers as a visual control for these containers is difficult to conduct.

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But 10000 lux is very high intensity and it may give bad effect to eye.

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so whats the routine practice for visual inspection?
normaly in a cylinder during vol chk cleariy is chekd?