Validator-Kaye validator

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How we can conduct PQ or is it required for Kaye validator or any validator?
Or IQ OQ is enough as…PQ can be supported by calibration?
If PQ should be done, please mention how!!


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In the PQ - performance qualification – phase, we like to challenge the equipment, much like in the OQ phase, but now under load. While it’s great that it runs at 50 RPM or 150 RPM when it’s empty, what happens when there’s 300 kilos of material in it? Can it still achieve those speed ranges? That’s the essence and focus of the PQ phase.

for PQ placebo batches are used

along with DQ,IQ,OQ
PQ is also mandatory b4 taking validation batches

Dear Mr. Sajjad,

Thanks for answer, But this PQ what you explain is related to production equipment.

My subject matter is some what different, i am asking regarding Kaye validator. Could you please refocus on my query.


not necessary to use only kaye validator

Dear sir
The instrument you mentioned the kaye validator as I think thermal validator .
Calibration from calibration institute is enugh for PQ


Yes, ok PQ can be supported by Calibration.

PQ of equipment is done to ensure that particular equipment will give same results during routine use of manufacturing process that is why it is mandatory.

Dear Madeeha,
Actually for measuring instrument it’s purely depends upon the calibration aspects, so PQ is not necessarily needed…
PQ is ok and mandatory for production equipment.