Validation with a new bin

Hi all ,
If we want to change a type of bin (from a regular bin to a bin with more inclination) do we have to perform a validation ??
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Does the bin form part of a process or part of any equipment train, involved in a process? If you can elaborate its role, it could help in eliciting meaningful response. Thanx

Hi ,
We want to change the type of a bin to improve the flowability of the powder (that’s why we are looking for a bin with more inclination .Thanls :slight_smile:

Since the bin is part of the process, yes you have to carry out process validation.

It’s like this, the powder blend flow is expected to be better, the mixing is desired to be better and faster. You first need to standardize the rpm and the mixing time (and may be the inclination also if it is a variable. Follow this up with the process validation.

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