Validation of laboratory refrigerators

What are the test criteria for validating/qualifying a laboratory refrigerator used to store lab samples and or product samples with capacity of 100 to 500 L? and how we can validate the laboratory refrigerator?

Laboratory refrigerators are validated by temperature mapping of the chamber of the refrigerator. Probes are placed at different location of the chamber generally for 3 days. Review the data to identify the hot spot.

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thank for your information. i am a bit confused of keeping temperature probes in the refrigerators. If the fridge is small capacity for eg. 150 liters is it necessary to perform mapping using method like all corners and one center or just top bottom middle?
is there any guideline stating how many probes to be kept for mapping?

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Hi Ankur, How do we select a hot spot when we have 2 probes giving similar temperatures in different conditions?

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I think if you have two points with similar temperatures then you must to select as you hot spot the point where you have highest temperatureā€™s variation, for example the point where the difference between the average temperatura and the maximum and minimum are higher.
Another element you should to cionsider is the temperatureā€™requirements of the product or samples you storage in the chamber.

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Mam any guide lines for these.temperature mapping for refrigerator only

Any one have a protocol for temp and humidity mapping

Can anyone send me the protocol in temp mapping thank you

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What is the allowed time period for temperature out of limit for oven, incubator or chambers?

Who defines this limit supplier or inhouse procedure


It can be identify by MKT study