Validation Master Plan

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Am I allowed to review the Validation Master Plan every after 3years or does it have to be strictly 1 year?

Validation Master Plan (VMP) is a policy document of the organization about qualification and validation of processes, equipment, instruments, and systems, analytical methods, etc. used for manufacturing of products and analysis of samples.
The attachments / Annexes to the main VMP are actual schedules of qualifications and validations (& calibrations) of the items as specified above.
Therefore, it is apparent that the main document (policy) of VMP need not be reviewed every year. However, the annexures (attachments) to the VMP should be reviewed and revised every year to include revised schedules of qualifications, validations, calibrations, etc.
Generally, it is preferred to review entire VMP every year from regulatory requirements perspective. Because regulatory requirements may change from time to time. (For example Cleaning validation acceptance criteria based on HEBL-Health-Based Exposure Limits, Life cycle approach of Process validation, etc.)
Again the frequency of review will depend upon size of the company, the number of products, equipment, instruments, processes, systems, etc.

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Hi sir, can you please help me to know
Which guidance document is used for process validation in India? I have found and its published by IPA. So not sure if that’s what Indian manufacturers are suppose to follow!
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