Validation/ Calibration of Compressed Air

Can you suggest what all tests need to be performed for validation of air compressers and systems providing compressed air ( used in coating equipment, in compression machine, FBD equipment, packing machines ). Also, is there any guideline in WHO for the same?

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–> There are 4 tests need to be performed:

  • Dew point
  • Particle count
  • Microbial
  • Oil
    Each point of use will be tested at least three times.

–> Specification: depend on your cleanliness class. You may need to have a look at ISO 8573.


thank you sir.

To Validate below test required to perform:

  1. Filter Integrity from where air is coming to the User point
  2. Compressed Air Pressure (against the design of Air compressor and defined User point)
  3. Dew Point
  4. Hydrocarbon (Oil detection) test
  5. Particle count
  6. Viable
  7. Element test i.e Nitrogen, Nitrous oxide etc.

Test methodology and specification you can get from ISO 8573

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Dear All,
If a new user point is initiated, what should be the study requirement, associated test and what is the period of study?