UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

We know that UV-VIS range is 200 to 800nm. I need to measure the sample at 820nm to 830nm range.It is mentioned in Pharmacopoeia.
How could i measure above the UV-VIS range. If i do so, how could i justify to auditor.


Please confirm the exact UV-VIS range of your spectrophotometer from the manufacturer’s operating manual. If it covers the range upto 830 nm then you can perform the measurement of your sample at 820-830 nm. If the instrument is not in the required range, then please contact the manufacturer to modify the source lamp or filters used.


Thank for the information.I have reviewed the manual and it covers the range upto 900nm.

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Very good. Now you can perform testing of samples in the desired range of 820 to 830 nm.