USP Test Method Verification

if we are using USP test method for product testing on HPLC then we have to do verification instead of validation of test method. what are the parameters which we check for verification of USP test method.

All Analytical test method have to validated. If you are using a non validated method (whether it is USP or BP etc.) then you need to perform Analytical method verification. Which parameters to be considered during Analytical method verification will depend on the test type (whether it is Related substance test or Assay). The guidelines for Method verification are given in USP itself. Refer USP and you will get what should be done.

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actually i have to do only identification and assay on HPLC by using USP method.

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Only Quantification need method verification. Please check USP glossary section (Index) there will be a topic on Analytical method verification guidance. You can follow the same.
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If you are using USP Analytical method for Assay By HPLC ,Then you have to done verification of respective method and following parameter shall be perform as a verification.

1.Specificity by Interferece
2.Specificity by Retention time
3.System suitability
4.Method precision (Spiked and Unspiked)
7.Solution stability
8.Intermediate precision (Ruggedness)

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What about linearity and range?not needed?method precision spikes and I spiked ?didnt understand??

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