Use of MKT in temperature mapping

For e.g: after the temperature mapping, I have 2 points with the same min temperature - 2 potential cold spot. I just want to set up the probe and monitor only 1 cold spot. Is it possible to compare MKT value of that 2 points to decide which one is the cold spot?

First while calculating cold spot consider “average min value” not just min value refer below mentioned guideline you will get answer

Thanks for your reply. I read the supplement 8 of WHO guideline and understand that the hot/cold spot is not only about the max/min temp but we must consider the arithmetic mean and trend. However, I just wonder whether it is correct to use MKT instead of arithmetic mean?

I can understand the difficulty, you got two cold spot and you have to reported any one as coldest spot i dont know whether u can use MKT for evaluation but i think with referance of above mentioned annex you may use other parameters such as spot near the door, spot near the cooling/heating system to decide your coldest spot.

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