Use of dettol and savlon as disinfectant

Why we should not use Dettol and savlon for floor mopping in cetrimide helps in growth of aspergillus Niger.

Dettol and Savlon are used for floor mopping. Cetrimide disrupts the growth of bacteria and fungi by interrupting its normal functions.

Some auditor says Dettol savlon are antiseptic.u can not use as disinfectant for. Floor cleaning

Yes i have had similar views from auditor

Classification of dettol and savlon is germicidal, which means it can only control the vegetative cells and cannot handle the spore forming microorganisms. The second biggest challenge is concentration as if the concentration is even a bit higher side it leaves the residues and both dettol and savlon gives Soapy layer on floor and it affect the faster drying which again attract particles to harbour upon. however in non-classified areas these can be used or mostly used (Not in US as both dettol and savlon is not available in US market), but it is not recommended in classified areas.


So what is recommendations for class D and C can you help

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You can use combatan DS 1% , Minncare 0.5%, virosil 4%, D-125 1.5% on weekly basis.


Thanks sir