Types of Dust cups

Dust cups are made in a variety of sizes but come in two different styles: barrel-style and standard.

Standard Dust Cups

Standard dust cups require a little extra work. You’ll manually cut out a hole using the upper punch, and then fit the dust cup directly to the upper punch tip.

Barrel-Style Dust Cups

Barrel-style dust cups come with pre-cut holes that were cut to fit directly on your punch barrels. You can use them with or without upper punch dust cup grooves.

All dust cups are made with FDA compliant pharmaceutical-grade materials that are specifically selected for their:

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  • Stability
  • Wear-resistance
  • Cleaning
  • Flexibility
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  • Provide a secondary barrier to the upper punch seals
  • Prevent oil and other debris from contaminating granulation
  • Ensure production runs smoothly and cut back on cleaning time

Dust Cups & Bellows

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Are these dust cups necessary?