Type of columns used in HPLC

How many types of columns user in HPLC? if possible give name of them.

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Sir, Generally
Reverse Phase (RP): C18, C8, Amino, Nitrile columns are used
Ex: Kromasil, Inertsil, Prachrome, Xterra, Agilent etc…
Normal Phase (NP): Pure silica, amylose, cellulose derivative columns are used
Ex: Daicel chiral AD-H, Chiral OJ, Chiralpak, Silica columns


Thank you some much @Attili_Padma_rao

There are so many type HPLC columns available. Please refer USP pharmacopoeia chapter <621> .

In Chromatography chapter USP <621> mentioned L1 to L76 type of column available so you can select column base on your sample chemistry.


Thanks a lot @Kamlesh