Trouble Shooting- Purified water system-RO-UV

Dear All,

Could i have the trouble shooting for the following point in Purified water system-RO-UV (Generation and distribution system)

1.Feed water showing high chlorine content.-----
2.ORP going high than the desired after antiscalent dosing—
3.Pretreatment filters shows high differential pressure—
4.UV intensity less than 60%-----
5.Conductvity after RO is high----
6.Discharge water pressure is less—


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Dose SMBS before feeding to RO. It will remove chlorine and will bring ORP in desired range.


For high pressure difference in pre treatment (I hope it’s MGF) backwash and rinse it regularly for at least 15 minutes each, if problem sustains, change the media.


Thanks Mr. Vinay

I think wash your carbon filter proper than decrease the dose of chlorine solution and 5 micron filter changed and

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Discharge water pressure is law means you have to clean your ro membrane

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Thank you

we installed PW system and WFI system and even installed two RO system but still we are getting chloride in DM water. What is the reason for it ?

and other one is pH of DM water is around 5 but from distilled water it increase and obtain around 7. What is the reason for it?

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if chlorination and de chlorination assemblies are not installed in water system than what shall be happened in PW and WFI ? We are manufacturer of Ophthalmic production.

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Dear Mr. Nimesh,

The installation of chlorine and dechlorination units depends upon your infeed water profile, if the conentration is with the acceptable range and doesnot have impact in your current setup. then no need.


Agreed with Vinay

Thank you…