Transport validation

Give some hints about Transport validation?

Some of the very important aspects to be considered during transportation validation are,

  • Temperature mapping of transport vehicle
  • Temperature excursions
  • Mapping of route of transport w r to time duration
  • Loading pattern of unit boxes or containers of pharmaceutical products
  • Effect of weather conditions on storage conditions during transportation
  • Stability characteristics of pharmaceutical products during transportation.

Temp control
Humidity control
Shock protection measure
Route maping
Time to deliver

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Could you please provide shock protection guide, and when ideally it should be conducted?what is the procedure for it…


Highly visible Shock Indicator Labels indicate when a g force impact occurs that can potentially damage products in the transportation chain.
Shock Indicators provide a visual indication that hidden damage may have occurred. When used with alert labels, a Shock Indicator Label reduces the incidence of damage by raising awareness that the package is being monitored.

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Sir is the process of transport validation necessary in pharma company?