Total Amount Calculation

Each 100 ml solution contain 0.5gm w/v Cholorohexidine gluconate. What amount of Cholorohexidine gluconate will required if the Batch size 1000 Liter?

the answer is 5000 gm (5 kg) of “Chlorhexidine” gluconate

the calculation is 0.5 * 1000 * 1000 / 100

Is it clear ?

I Got it but the problem is Density of Cholorohexidine gluconat will be added in this calculation?

You need 0.5 % W/V solution whose volume is 1000 liter

So the needed quantity of the substance is 5000 g

Please Explain why density should be added to the calculation ?

You may also need to consider % purity or concentration of Chlohexidiene Gluconate. Are you using Cholrhexidine Gluconate solution or solid powder ?
If it is a solid powder then what is the % purity?
If it is a solution then what is the concentration of this solution?

I am not sure about it. If the active is in Liquid State what will be the total amount? There are need to consider the density?

I know that. The point is if the active is in liquid form there are need to be calculate the density also?

The density does not have importance here

If the API is “pure liquid” which is miscible with water and you want to prepare 0.5 %w/v aqueous solution of the API whose so that solution volume is 1000 liter

1- Weigh 5 kg of the API
2- Put it in the preparation tank
3- Complete with water to “total” volume of 1000 liter

Is it clear ?

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Thank u…

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