Toothpaste quality and declaration of ingredients

I assumethat it is mandatory to declare all contents in a toothpaste or toothpowder. I have specific concern with fluoride contents. I was trying to see the fluoride contents in many tooth pastes available in our country and I was surprised that alll brands of colgate are no declaring fluoride contents. even sending enquiry to them (on their e mail ID written on the packet), it remains unanswered.
I want to know whether it is mandatory in our Act or not.
If yes then what punitive action Govt can take and who will initiate the process?

@Vijay_Prakash_Mathur you are right they have mentioned the Sodium Monoflourophosphate in ingredients but quantity is not disclosed.
A lot of things are not included in the box of Colgate in India those are written in the USA.
Sodium Floride 0.24% is written in the USA as shown in the image below.