Tip Speed Of RMG Or Blender

How to calculate tip speed od RMG and how it works.

Blade Speed (tip speed), measures how far a point on the outer most edge of the disperser blade travels in a given amount of time. You may remember from early math classes that the circumference (perimeter) of a circle is equal to:

Bore and KeywayCircumference = Π × D

So if we take a 1 foot diameter (D) blade and turn it one complete revolution, a point on its edge would have travelled pi (Π) 3.14 feet. By multiplying by rpm (n) we get the Tip Speed formula:

TipSpeed = Π × D × n


  • Tip Speed - impeller tip speed (rpm)
  • D - impeller diameter (ft)
  • n - impeller rotation speed (fpm)