The reason for spreading colonies after incubation

The reason for spreading colonies after incubation specially in enterobacteriaceae and coliform??

Which one method you are using?

can u elaborate ur query?

Enterobacteriaceae and coliform(E.coli, shigella & Salmonella) gives the good growth onto the media if u found that colonies are spreading or not easy to count the reason behind it is, u are pouring the hot media u should takcare of this,media should not be hot more then 40° c…

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First of all everyone must be think in basic level of microbiology don’t search in advance, if you not get solution of your problem in basic level then only you going to be search in advance this is a identified of root causing procedure also.

The basic reasons for organisms spreaded of after incubation:

  1. The organism are having motile capability it will be spread in after incubation Eg: P.aeruginosa
  2. Otherwise contamination is only source of spreading Eg: you are pour in media about 50 degree vapour is formed so the vapour drop is spilled in agar media so the organism mixed with water moved to occupied in holl media so the microbe are spreading.
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