The conductivity

We are cleaning our RO plant with citric acid followed by sodium hydroxide. After cleaning its conductivity increases, what are the possible solutions for this problem?
-RO element type: LCHR-4040
-3 Stage: 3:2:1

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Use the solution which is haven’t very less electron’s on your available… Like DM water

Tks @Shagam_Reddy reply me, but i do not understand what you say? plz explain more detail for me

Check individual membrane outlet sample then if not qualified may mambrane is bypass, so you have required to replacement…
Cleaning is required for microbial, and if outlet flow of water not achieve but conductivity and cleaning not any relation…

I believe that you have broken the RO membrane. Replace another RO membrance. It will be better

Try to use tries 80 C deg purified water… After completion of ur existing procedure.

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