Temperature & RH monitoring for Cleanroom Facility

(K C) #1


Is any guideline specify about how to choose the data loggers quantity with respect too room area or room volume, as like as NVPC?

(Ankur Choudhary) #2

Please check ISO14644-1: Classification of Air Cleanliness for sampling points in a clean room.

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dear sir what is the limits of temperature and ralative humiduity for closed room facility as processing granulation and packaging.

(Ankur Choudhary) #4

It depends upon the nature of the product being manufactured in the area.

(Jhomarie N. PORTILLO) #5

For handling co amoxiclav tablets, we sticked at n.m.t 25 deg temp and not more than 30 relative humidity.

It depends what product is being manufacture in the area.

(Hardik s patel) #6

Dear sir
Some advice for cost cutting/saving in HVAC system and how to control temperature & humidity in clean room.?

(HaripriyaMalireddy) #7

Temperature mapping study shall be performed for clean room and hot & cold spots shall be identified. During routine monitoring, temperature & RH shall be monitored at the identified hot spots by using data loggers.

(Himanshudonzie) #8

Dear sir,
Kindly suggest me latest guideline related to balance calibration…

(Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Awad) #9

Euramet calibration guide no. 18 , 2015