Temperature Mapping Requriements


What is the Tolerance/Accuracy required for the data loggers those used for temperature mapping of areas/chambers, also provide the guideline reference

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What is the criteria of determine the number of the sensors, its location, load pattern, revalidation frequency, allocation of monitoring and control/inbuit sensors of :

  1. Incubator.
    3.Stability Chamber.
    4.Free er
    7.Cold stores
    8.Recall and reject room.
    9.Retention sample room.

What is the reference guideline.


0.1% accuracy required in data logger.

Dear Mr.Manoj
Could you please look into my above two queries.

Also could you please provide us the solution, suppose we are doing yearly revalidation of cold stores (2-8 C) and we are always finding diffirent hot and cold spots then previous studies,
So, if you will really relocate your inbuilt probe sensor every year.

What is the general requirement and number of inbuit probe should be present in any mapping eqquipment and area…?


What should be the location of monitoring sensor any specific guidance / requirements.


In case location changes during next revalidation, u should keep monitoring of both location and then go for finalisation of locations

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Dear Mr. Pradeep thank you, But is it appropriate to locate sensors for cold stores, refrigerators, ovens, stability chamber, as mapping is basically yearly??