Temperature maintaining problem in PW close Loop system

Dear team,
i have faced problem with maintaining temperature between 65 to 70 degree in loop. If my set point higher is set on 70 degree then return water is above 70 degree and reach to 71 to 73 degree. If set point lower 65 then temperature reach 64 degree then what can i do for maintaining temperature 65 to 70 degree.

Where is the temperature sensor attached to the water system?

  1. To the PW tank Bottom
  2. At the PW loop Return
    PW loop length approx 500 meter
    Low low temperature problem in Return
    High temperature problem in Tank

This is happening because your temperature sensor is located at the return loop, locate the sensor that controls heating at the starting of the loop.

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Can we set limit of temperature 65 ± 2 to 70 ± 2 then its achieved 65 to 70.

Now we can used PID controller for maintaining temperature and achieved result base on our requirement.